In a desert of fathomless black - the pulse.
In the uncharted lands of my mind - the pulse.
In a holy city of silence and relaxation - the pulse.
Revolves. .. revolves. . . slowly revolves...

An irregular three pointed spherical mass?
Has a shape - everchanging,
Three Dimensional - three pointed...
Revolves . . . revolves. . . slowly revolves

Each section mysteriously blends,
Each blend baffles the eye -
Each sound baffles the ear...
Revolves. . . revolves. . . slowly revolves...

Whitish - some pink, some cream-
Whitish - luminous against the vacuum black-
Whitish - Mysteriously warm, mysteriously cold.
Revolves . .. revolves . . . slowly revolves

Cobwebs - eternally blending and separating,
Cobwebs - Tearing and mixing,
Cobwebs - never ceasing - a mass-
Revolves.., revolves ... slowly revolves...

Strangest infinity, smoothly rotating,
Strangest infinity - time never measured,
Strangest infinity - a beauty - a wonder-
Revolves. .. revolves. . . slowly revolves

A spiritual nucleus of my mind,
A spiritual nucleus of my soul,
A spiritual nucleus of time.
Revolves. .. revolves. . . slowly revolves

The sound of cobwebs, silently rustling,
The sound of nothingness vibrating and scraping,
The sound of a phantom - a minor breeze,
Revolves. .. revolves. .. slowly revolves...

Each sweeping, graceful line,
Each sweeping, graceful, whirling line,
Each sweeping, graceful, whirling, eternal line,
Revolves. revolves. . . slowly revolves

Will I ever see this phantom?
Will 1 ever know its thoughts?
Will I ever discover the secrets of the spiritual nucleus of my mind?
Will I be captured in its immortal gaze?
To revolve. . . revolve. . . slowly revolve?

Copyright © 2004 Gila Atwood

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