Do you feel like crying when you step in through your door
When you see bisli bags and stray tissues on the floor?
And there's an empty can upon the counter once again
I'm sure I told those 'slobs' to toss it, ten times ten times ten
And when you gather dirty socks from underneath the beds
Do you feel tinges of despair and feel like knocking heads?

Well, sister, we're all in this boat we might as well admit
and sometimes we are wondering if to this job we fit
Bend once again and pick it up, for we know right from wrong
And caustic, biting, hurtful words might come upon the tongue
Well just today it hit me, it was quite a revelation,
It put me in the greatest mood, I felt such elevation

If tikun olam is our goal, hey, that's my task all day!
I make the place more beautiful with each thing I put away
I make the world a better place, each surface that I'm cleaning
Just focus on results right now, *don't* think it is demeaning
All yissurim are allotted from the beginning of the year
If we suffer them with housework there is little more to fear!
All all those 'slobs' you live with, many favours they are owing
Excuse me please, I must go now, I have to do some sewing.

(They're not slobs really, they can do a great job- when they want to...... )

Copyright © 2004 Gila Atwood

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