or "What do I do with all these old newspapers?"

Lots of things! Here are just a few suggestions.

* First- check for any items that may need to be put in Geniza!

* Leave a couple of sheets by the door for muddy boots and shoes

* Lay them out along strategic walkways for your children when you've just washed the floor

* "Oh no! The kids' boots are wet inside again!" - stuff boots with crumpled newspapers and leave overnight- then remove paper and leave in a breezy sunny mirpeset to air. Then wear!

* Use at the bottom of birdcages instead of sandpaper- much cheaper, and also used by top aviculturists- but no coloured paper, please, it's toxic to the birds.

*Papier Mache- Use with flour and water glue and make all kinds of models- good for the children on a rainy afternoon.

* Spread over the table or floor when your children are painting- or when YOU are whitwashing the walls etc.

* Spread on the floor under and around your baby's highchair to catch any mess he might just happen to make

* Origami- Make paper hats and paint them, or boats (as in "Curious George & his New Bike.") and float them, etc etc etc.

* Peel your vegetables onto a sheet, then wrap & throw away

* Spread on the floor around your garbage pail, (or on that shelf under the sink if you keep your garbage there."

*Line all your shelves with it instead of buying shelving paper

*Wrap any glassware or pottery and fill with crumpled paper for storage- protects and keeps them dry

*Use with an iron to remove wax from clothes

*Use with vinegar to clean windows

*Clean up spills- the paper can remove the worst of it- finish with a cloth which can be laundered

*What? You STILL have left-over newspapers? Take them to an "Amnir" bin- usually orange or blue, and shaped like a barrel on its side. They will be recycled. Neve Yaakov does not yet have Amnir bins "for security reasons" (says the municipality) but there are plenty in French Hill, Ramat Eshkol, Maalot Dafna, Kiryat Moshe and Rachavia.

Copyright © 1999 Gila Atwood

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